Grendon Underwood Primary School Bakes a Treat

Grendon Underwood Primary School

Grendon Underwood Primary School

They say to never work with animals or children, but this was not the case for staff at Grendon Underwood Primary School in Buckinghamshire, who saw this recipe when I contacted them with regards to our website.

I knew this particular school had a cooking club from previous work experience I had done for them. So I phoned and asked if they would be interested in following one of my recipes and take a look at our website which they kindly agreed to do.

This is where the magic happens!

This is where the magic happens!

I spoke to the cooking club organiser as well pupils who took part in the club, Mrs Shirley, the cooking club teacher said: “We saw this recipe and thought it was easy enough for school children of all ages and abilities in my club to make. They had great fun and the result was both great tasting and it smelled wonderful too. I am certainly going to keep an eye on this site’’.


It is nice to see that our website has been used by a local school and one of its recipes has been used in a cooking club.

Pupils at the school voiced their views below:

A year one child said: ‘’It was really easy to follow the recipe and it tastes lovely and sweet. We ate it last night!’’

A year two child said: “I loved the mashing the best it was really messy.”

A year one child said: “Mum wants to make this again it was really tasty.”


I would like to give a special thanks to the staff and children at Grendon Underwood Primary School, who kindly took part in baking one of my recipes and kindly submitted the pictures seen above. I hope you enjoyed the recipe and be sure to check our website for regular updates on more tasty, simple, and healthy treats.

Check out the recipe here:

By James Busby

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