Chocolatey protein bars

If you’re a bit of an exercise nut or perhaps you feel your arms resemble twigs somewhat and you should do something about it, well then this recipe is for you. Protein powder forms the basis of this treat; as with trying to keep fit protein supports muscle growth and repair.

My boyfriend came up with this recipe for himself as he tried drinking protein powder but wasn’t too keen on the taste. Instead of giving up on the stuff, he persevered; trying and testing different ways he could take the powder. He has tried cakes and brownies in the past but has found these protein bars to be the most flavoursome. These protein bars are derived from a simple flap jack recipe with a couple of beneficial alterations.


500g oats
200g bran flakes
250g golden syrup
200g butter
100g protein powder
200g melted chocolate

You may think putting protein powder with these other fatty ingredients may cancel out the overall positive effects. But in fact you are gaining added protein from the oats, bran flakes and butter. Also the butter provides you with essential fats… admittedly the rest is all for good taste. For building muscle in general an increased intake of calories is needed.

So, to start get your oats and bran flakes and give them a quick blits in a processor.


Then melt your chocolate, add this and all of the other remaining ingredients and give it a good mix. You should have a very sticky and rather tough mixture.


Get your baking tray out and pour in the mixture. This recipe does not require baking, rather just storing in your fridge for an overnight period. In this time your protein bars will gain structure.


Having been patient you are now ready to cut your protein mix into bars and eat.

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By Karen Coe

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