About the bakers

We’re all second year students at Liverpool John Moores University, studying Journalism. We’re on a journey to start a new hobby… to baking and beyond.

James circleMy name is James; I’m 20 years-old. I have a tiny confession and it could turn out to be fairly interesting as I have never baked before in my life! So I would definitely say I’m the amateur of the group, but I won’t be deterred by this I’m always up for a challenge and I’m rather excited to get my whisk out, and get stuck in. I shall be trying my hardest to show you all the tastiest treats, so you too can replicate them at home. As a note if a young lad in his twenties can have a crack at it I’m sure you folks can too!


Hi everyone, Hollie circlemy name is Hollie and I have always had a sweet tooth. I have loved baking ever since I was able to stand on a chair to help my grandma bake chocolate logs at Christmas and scones in the summer. In the kitchen, I have been partial to making my favourite sweet treat, the scrumptious millionaire’s shortbread although you will probably find out that I’m better at being a taster rather than a baker. I am a British Bake off lover and I am looking forward to seeing where this baking journey takes me.


Karen circle

Hi, I’m Karen. I don’t have much experience in baking; my boyfriend on the other hand is rather decent, and I have done bits and bobs alongside him. Anyway I love a good baked treat; I can’t keep my hands off chocolate! I’m really looking forward to seeing how professional bakers make their goods and seeing whether I can produce something similar.


Hi everyone, mNiamh circley names Niamh. My interest in baking… well cooking really, started when I was a lot younger and for a while I did consider becoming a chef. However I refused to choose GCSE cookery because myself and the teacher; a lump of a woman who looked like a guinea pig never did see eye to eye.  I enjoy being experimental with any cooking I do and I see baking as a really great way of marking an occasion or celebration. I haven’t found a simpler way of making someone smile than baking something just for them on their special day.


John circle

Hello! I’m John Elsworth. I studied Catering at high school and am an avid watcher of cooking programmes. I’m currently hooked on The Taste but know I’m not at that standard. I’m more of the home cooking kind but quite like experimenting in the kitchen. I like anything sweet and savory; my favourite sweet is Tiramisu and my favourite savory is a Meat and Potato pie. I look forward to hearing your suggestions as to what you’d like me to bake and how it tastes.

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