Here’s what we thought of The Custom Cupcake Company, Liverpool

We have been on another baking adventure this week, and this time we dropped in to The Custom Cupcake Company for a spot of tea and cake and a quick chat with one of the owners, Matt Blakey. We’d like to thank 5crumbybakers fan Elly Groves who suggested we visit this super cute place by leaving a comment on a post we did about Dafna’s Cheese Cake Factory, a quaint bakery on Smithdown Road.


Niamh (left) Owner Matt Blakey, Karen (right)

The Custom Cupcake Company is located in one of Liverpool’s most animated areas- Bold Street, A vibrant high street that’s constantly bustling with shoppers heading down towards Liverpool town centre. We agreed this lively cobbled street is the perfect location for a cupcake shop, and certainly a great place to stop off for a sweet treat when you’re on your way into town.


The exterior of the cute Bold Street cupcake shop and one of Matt’s particularly special flavoured cupcake.

The interior of the bakery/café is fresh and simplistic. There’s a large bar on one side displaying the bakery’s delicious treats a few tables dotted here and there for those (like us) who can’t have a cupcake without a cup of tea to go with it! The counter that stretches all the way along the bakery wall is stacked with piles of heavenly looking cupcakes.  Having to choose a single cake can prove great difficulty (we were forced to purchase two each… just for market research of course!)


The interior of the bakery and their delicious triple chocolate brownies on offer.

Matt and his wife Kelly opened the bakery last November. In their short time of running it, it sure has made its mark. They provide over 130 wildly unique flavours on rotation, and even have their own celebrity following which include; Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard, Little Mix and Taylor Swift, who all chose the bakery on Bold Street for its imaginative creations.

ImageThe Custom Cupcake Company caters for any occasion, here’s some of spectacular ideas for Birthday celebrations.


The Custom Cupcake Company’s Black forest cupcake

Owner Matt tells us the best-selling has to be the Mars cupcake, and we can see why! Its chocolate and caramel mixture gives it a rich and gooey texture, very much replicating a real life Mars bar. It would make a seriously great Easter-time treat for any chocoholics who’ve given “the good stuff” up for lent!


Some special (and very unusual) treats the Custom Cupcake Company has to offer

When asking Matt about his weirdest creation, He told us about “cuptails,” a list of classic cocktails the CCC has recreated in cupcakes. One even includes an absinth shot but we won’t talk about that! “We also do a cupcake called pigs can fly” he said. It’s a sweet and meaty combination: a caramel flavoured cake, with a caramel filling and topping, all sprinkled with bits of bacon. We weren’t daring enough to try this flavour but why don’t you pop in and give The Custom Cupcake Company a go? We’d definitely recommend it!

Here’s our interview with Matt, the owner of The Custom Cupcake Company

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Niamh Conway and Karen Coe

Which celebration bake looks the tastiest? LETS VOTE!

Celebration bakes are our very favourite treats as you may already know from some of our recent posts Choco-vanilla birthday cupcakes, Queen Victoria crowns and St David’s Day treats. These bakes don’t just make the kitchen smell divine, they put smiles on the faces of our best friends and mark that occasion that’s special to us all, one way or another.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts and recipes for celebration bakes just as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them, but now that you’ve seen what the 5 crumby bakers can do, we thought that this week we’d hand our website over to you, so everyone can see what our users and fellow baking enthusiasts have been up to.

So as promised, here are the lovely pictures of your very own celebration bakes that you’ve been emailing us. Whoever is voted the TASTIEST looking celebration bake by this time next week will hand their recipe over, into the (perhaps not so safe) hands of the 5 crumby bakers and we’ll see how our attempt compares to your original.

Wish us luck.

Get voting in our poll below!

1. Kathryn Swarbrick’s Disney princess castle


2. Chloe O’Neill’s Triple chocolate fudge brownie cake


3. Fionnula Conway’s Jubilee lemon sponge


4. Laura Carroll’s Banoffee fudge layer cake


5. Adam Paul’s Chocolate cake with chocolate cream


6. Amy Elliot’s Giant chocolate and vanilla cupcake


7. Alice Currie’s Christmassy spiced gingerbread men (Ok so we know they’re not really a celebration bake but they’re so cute!)


8. Monica Carroll’s Easter treat chocolate cake


9. Katie Robinson’s Kit-cat surprise


10. Ben Smith’s White chocolate and toffee birthday bananza


 11. Maureen Brown’s Easter chick


By Niamh Conway

Afternoon Tea Treats: Queen Victoria Crowns

I like to call these miniature cakes, Queen Victoria Crowns as they look like a royal crown when baked and decorated with a sprinkle of icing sugar.
They are ultimately a scaled down version of the classic victoria sponge cake.
(You can read all about the history of these delicious creamy cakes in THIS POST)
This afternoon I am treating my friends to a crown or two.
Shhhh don’t tell anybody but I cheated a little to save time and bought a Victoria sponge mix.
It saves a lot of time if you need to whip these up in a hurry and doesn’t leave you with lots of baking ingredients that you aren’t likely to use up again.
If unlike me you are being a good baker and not cheating, for your sponge mix, you will need:
– 2 large free range eggs
– 4oz self raising flour
-4oz caster sugar
-4oz salted butter
(1/2tablespoon of baking powder if using a food processor to mix it all up)
-1tsp vanilla extract.
If you are naughty and cheating like me you will need:
-A Victoria Sponge ready made mix
-120ml of milk
– 2 eggs
– 100g of Unsalted butter to get your sponge mix going!
You will also need:
– Small tin cans (preferably the ones you get sweetcorn in)
The number of cans you need depends on how many cakes you want to make in one batch.
– Tinfoil to wrap around the bottom of the tin.
(Step 1)
Prepare your sponge mix first.
If you’re making your sponge by hand, you will need to: Cream your butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and fluffy.
Beat in the eggs, one at a time, and stir in your vanilla extract. Then fold in the flour using a large (metal) spoon. (Note: no extra baking powder.) If you’re using a food processor, Pop your butter, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla & baking powder into your blitzer. Make sure the ‘stopper’ is removed, so the air can get in. Turn it on and blend until you have a smooth batter.
Or if like me you are following the instructions from your pre made mix.
(Step 2)
Using a tin opener take off the bottoms of your cans and wrap in tinfoil.
(Step 3)
 Spoon a little under half of the sponge mixture into your tin cans.
(Step 4)
Pop into a preheaded oven at around 175-180c.
Once your tins are in do not open the door for 15 minutes as your sponge will drop.
After 15 minutes, open the door and pop a skewer through the middle of the cake.
If the skewer comes out clean and not sticky you are ready to let them cool, if not pop them back in the oven for another five minutes or so.
While your cakes are cooling
It’s onto making the buttercream filling..
It is best to make buttercream if you are not going to be digging into your cakes on the day you baked them as buttercream lasts longer than fresh double cream.
(Step 5)
 Mix 100g of unsalted butter along with your icing mix.
(Step 6)
 Once your little cakes are cool, take off the tinfoil and use a knife to cut around the bottoms to get your little cake out.
They can be a little tall so trim a small amount from the bottoms and then cut the buns in half.
Now for the decorating fun!
(Step 7)
Add your buttercream to one side and any jam of your choice to the other side and sandwich them together!
And finally, dust with icing sugar!
What do you think?
What occasion would you bake these for?
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By Hollie Bradbury

Choco-vanilla Birthday Cupcakes

Simple yet classic 

Treat your best friend’s on their birthday

I moved to Liverpool from Birmingham last year. I was shoved into halls of residence with a bunch of people I didn’t know and expected to (like everyone else) just get on with it. Make friends, go out, get drunk, complete essay after essay, cook and clean for myself, what people call “living independently” you might say. However there’s not a chance in hell I could have done it all without my dear old pal Toni.

This year for her Birthday I decided to bake her something extra special to say thank you for all the lovely things she’s done for me throughout our first two years at university together. Why don’t you try this choco-vanilla cupcake recipe to show someone just how important they are to you?

“Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Toni,
Happy Bir
thday to you.”


Me and Toni at Crosby beach on one of our many adventures.

To make 12 large chocolate cupcakes you will need…

110g dark chocolate
80g unsalted butter
120g soft brown sugar

50 demerara sugar
2 large eggs

180 plain flour (sifted)
1 ½ tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt

235ml full fat milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

And for the vanilla frosting you will need…

100g unsalted butter
50ml semi skimmed milk
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
470g icing sugar
1tbsp double cream (opt

Before you start, preheat oven to 180C and line a muffin tray with cupcake cases, I’ve found that the deeper the tray, the better the cupcakes usually turn out.

1.       Melt the dark chocolate and leave to cool for about 10 minutes.

2.       In the meantime, cream the butter and sugar together till they form a pale and smooth mixture.

3.       Gradually add the beaten egg yolks to this creamed mixture, followed by the melted chocolate. Beat this together for approximately 5 minutes.

4.       In a separate bowl combine the flour, baking powder and salt.

5.       Do the same in a separate jug for the milk and vanilla essence.

6.       Add a third of each separate mixtures to the chocolate batter one at a time and beat until all the ingredients have been incorporated.

7.       Finally, whisk egg whites in a separate bowl till they form soft peaks and fold these into the chocolate batter using a metal spoon. Make sure you do this very gently so that the air stay’s in the mixture this will make your cupcakes temptingly light and fluffy.

The batter should be smooth and runny enough to spoon into cases. Bake for 22 minutes or until a knife inserted into a cupcake comes out completely clean.

To make the vanilla frosting

1.       Beat together the butter, milk, vanilla essence and half of the icing sugar till smooth.

2.       Gradually add the remaining icing sugar and continue beating till the mixture reaches a creamy texture. If the mixture does not feel as creamy as you think it should be, add the optional table spoon of double cream, this should thicken the mixture slightly, making it easier to pipe or spread onto your cupcakes.

ImageToni’s 20th Birthday

I adapted this recipe from one I found in my collection of baking books created by my favourite place, Primrose Bakery. As they are a retailer, they’re methods can be more complex so I’ve tried my best to scale it down as much as I can, to a point where we can still achieve a great taste, almost identical to that of the lovely little bakery.  

The bakery itself sits on the peaceful corner of a back street, just seconds away from busy Covent Garden in Central London, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and fancy a sweet treat. Head down for a pot of tea and a delicious cupcake. You won’t regret it.

Imageimage (1)

 The interior of the delightful little bakery in Covent Garden and the book itself.

I’d love to see some of your very own  “bakes for every occasion” so get emailing us with your pictures and recipes and you never know your pictures might make it onto our website!

By Niamh Conway

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