Here’s what we thought of The Custom Cupcake Company, Liverpool

We have been on another baking adventure this week, and this time we dropped in to The Custom Cupcake Company for a spot of tea and cake and a quick chat with one of the owners, Matt Blakey. We’d like to thank 5crumbybakers fan Elly Groves who suggested we visit this super cute place by leaving a comment on a post we did about Dafna’s Cheese Cake Factory, a quaint bakery on Smithdown Road.


Niamh (left) Owner Matt Blakey, Karen (right)

The Custom Cupcake Company is located in one of Liverpool’s most animated areas- Bold Street, A vibrant high street that’s constantly bustling with shoppers heading down towards Liverpool town centre. We agreed this lively cobbled street is the perfect location for a cupcake shop, and certainly a great place to stop off for a sweet treat when you’re on your way into town.


The exterior of the cute Bold Street cupcake shop and one of Matt’s particularly special flavoured cupcake.

The interior of the bakery/café is fresh and simplistic. There’s a large bar on one side displaying the bakery’s delicious treats a few tables dotted here and there for those (like us) who can’t have a cupcake without a cup of tea to go with it! The counter that stretches all the way along the bakery wall is stacked with piles of heavenly looking cupcakes.  Having to choose a single cake can prove great difficulty (we were forced to purchase two each… just for market research of course!)


The interior of the bakery and their delicious triple chocolate brownies on offer.

Matt and his wife Kelly opened the bakery last November. In their short time of running it, it sure has made its mark. They provide over 130 wildly unique flavours on rotation, and even have their own celebrity following which include; Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard, Little Mix and Taylor Swift, who all chose the bakery on Bold Street for its imaginative creations.

ImageThe Custom Cupcake Company caters for any occasion, here’s some of spectacular ideas for Birthday celebrations.


The Custom Cupcake Company’s Black forest cupcake

Owner Matt tells us the best-selling has to be the Mars cupcake, and we can see why! Its chocolate and caramel mixture gives it a rich and gooey texture, very much replicating a real life Mars bar. It would make a seriously great Easter-time treat for any chocoholics who’ve given “the good stuff” up for lent!


Some special (and very unusual) treats the Custom Cupcake Company has to offer

When asking Matt about his weirdest creation, He told us about “cuptails,” a list of classic cocktails the CCC has recreated in cupcakes. One even includes an absinth shot but we won’t talk about that! “We also do a cupcake called pigs can fly” he said. It’s a sweet and meaty combination: a caramel flavoured cake, with a caramel filling and topping, all sprinkled with bits of bacon. We weren’t daring enough to try this flavour but why don’t you pop in and give The Custom Cupcake Company a go? We’d definitely recommend it!

Here’s our interview with Matt, the owner of The Custom Cupcake Company

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Niamh Conway and Karen Coe

Dafna’s Cheese Cake Factory: Liverpool

This week Karen and I visited the super cute Dafna’s Cheese Cake Factory, a small yet inventive bakery which sits pleasantly at the heart of Liverpool’s busiest student area, Smithdown Road.

photo (8)

Dafna’s cheese cake factory

Although at first glance the beautiful bakery looks almost miniature, fitted neatly between a row of equally quaint knick-knack shops, once your inside you’ll see that its actually part of a four story building with two large kitchens where every delicious treat is baked on the premises. As you walk in the first thing you’ll notice is the sweet aroma  of cream cheese icing, that kind of scent you can only get from a freshly baked cheese cake. The front of the shop is packed to the rafters with delights of all kinds, red velvet cheese cake, chocolate fudge brownies, sweetened shortbread and every flavour cupcake you could imagine. There’s also a selection of old fashioned goodies including, bottled ginger beer, homemade jams and chutneys, for those with a not so sweet tooth.


Some of the yummy treats on offer at Dafna’s

Anne who is 80 next month founded this charming bakery 36 years ago after her passion for baking was spurred on by family members and their compliments. We spoke to Anne about the journey she has been on, from her first ever bake (her favourite, the original vanilla cheesecake) to her current managerial role in the business, having passed down her original recipes into younger hands.


Niamh (left), Owner Anne and Karen (right)



The interior of the tiny bakery

She runs the business with her husband, Yacov, and currently employs three post graduate students who she has taught to bake her delicious and unchanging, original recipes from all those years ago. She in turn, has introduced some of their new takes on traditional recipes into the bakery so it can continue to thrive. I had the pleasure of testing out one of their newest innovative recipes, this being the most moreish fruit cake I have ever tasted. It was soft and moist and filled with all kinds of plump fruits, it took me right back to the homemade fruitcake my nanny brown would tempt me with every Friday afternoon whilst we sat and did the weekly crossword. Anne wouldn’t tell us what secret ingredient that she puts in the fruit cake to make it so mouth-watering so you’ll just have to pay the place a visit yourself and see if you can guess.


Employees of Dafna’s sampling their brand new fruit cake

VIDEO:  Starting your own bakery from day one: Anne’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations, tips and tricks.

VIDEO: Here are a couple of the bakers from Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory… doing what they do best!

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By Niamh Conway and Karen Coe